What is Marep and why is it important....Our safety as boaters often depends on the accuracy of Canadian Hydrographics Service's Charts, Sailing Directions and Notices to Mariners.

To assist CHS, CPS Members are urged to report uncharted, obstructions, new or revised works that impact Charts or Sailing Directions, changes to depth soundings or elevation, or other issues affecting CHS charts or Sailing Directions through the Marine Information Reporting Program (MAREP). We should all view MAREP as a safety issue.

How to make a report...The criteria and procedures for reporting are well documented on page 22 of our District Roster. A reporting form is shown on page 23. A printable MAREP form is also available here. We should have this form on our boat. It will help to ensure correct reporting procedures. Submit a MAREP report to your Squadron’s MAREP Officer (or if one is not appointed, to your Squadron Commander). Be sure to include any relevant photos. Have a smart phone on your boat? It can provide very accurate GPS positions, and a source of good photos for your MAREP reporting.

What to report...See any Navigation Aids not as shown on your chart; either new, missing or repositioned? Are there unmarked or shifted objects, shoals, unmarked rocks, underwater cables, pipelines, etc.? Notice new or changed obstructions such as pilings, piers, etc.? Are there changes to channels including depths, widths or markers? Are there new or changes to prominent landmarks useful to mariners, such as towers or smokestacks? Are there new or revised Marine Facilities such as boatyards , or marinas? Are there unlisted or uncharted Private Aids such as daybeacons, markers or lights? While we are fortunate that charts for our local waters are usually current it is more often that something in the Sailing Directions has changed, or something should be added to assist mariners.

What is done with your reports...Your reports are passed on to Canadian Hydrographic Services (those folks who make your Marine Charts, Sailing Directions, etc.), and to Canadian Coast Guard who may issue a Notice to Mariners (NORMAR). Your report may help fellow boaters in avoiding dangerous situations.

Keep your charts and other publications up to date... Subscribe to monthly NOTMAR for updates to Canadian Coast Guard publications: Marine Charts; Sailing Directions; Small Craft Guides; and List of Lights, Buoys and Fog signals. You can subscribe by by going to: www.notmar.gc.ca. It’s a worthwhile safety service for all boaters.

Need further information or assistance in filling out the MAREP form? Contact us at info@whiterocksquadron.org or leave a message at 604-515-5566 and we will telephone you.,


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